José Muñoz


Born in 1942 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a child Muñoz manifested a great passion for design, and a particular interest in the world of comics.
At twelve he enrolled at the "Escuela Panamericana de Arte", where his teachers included Alberto Breccia and Hugo Pratt. During this period he would also follow sculpture and painting courses in the studio of Humberto Cerantonio.
Muñoz made his debut in the world of comics as assistant to Francisco Solano López, illustrating stories written by Héctor Oesterheld for the magazines "Hora Cero" and "Frontera". He emerged as an independent artist in 1963 with his detective series "Precinct 56", inspired by Eugenio Zappietro’s texts for the magazine "Misterix" (in Italian it was published in "Sergente Kirk" magazine).
In 1972 he departed for Europe, living in London at first, then Barcelona, and finally settled root in Italy. In 1974 he met the Argentine writer Carlos Sampayo and this fundamental event would mark the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. Thus the character of Alack Sinner was born – a private detective whose human adventures were played out to the sound of jazz, and described both the misery and nobility of a New York that was imagined in such a way as to almost have been real.
A series of characters and stories would follow, including "Nel bar" (1981), "Sudor Sudaca" (1985), "Tango y milonga" (1985), "Sophie" (1986), "Giochi di luce" (1988), "Europa in fiamme" (1989), "Billie Holiday" (1991), "Il Poeta" (1991), "Nei bar" (2002), "Le livre" (2004), "Carlos Gardel" (2009).
In 1994, he illustrated the texts by Jerome Charyn, "Il morso del serpente" and "Panna Maria". In 1995, in collaboration with Paolo Bertella Farnetti, he produced "La Magolfa" in the form of a full color comic, as well as a satirical series of political vignettes.
Starting in 1999, Muñoz published a series of texts and drawings in both black and white and in color, including "Orillas de Buenos Aires" (1999), "Carnet Argentin" (2000), "Féminin pluriel" (2002), "Paris Parenthèses "(2004)," La Pampa y Buenos Aires "(2006), "Encres" (2012) and, on text by Alejandro García Schnetzer, “Faubourg Sentimental” (2017).
He has created several book covers and magazines, and has illustrated "Pirates" by A. Conan Doyle, "Les damnés de la Pampa" by Manuel Prado, "Las fieras Cómplices" by Horacio Quiroga, "El perseguidor" by Julio Cortázar, "The nine billion names of God" by Arthur C. Clarke, "The Stranger" and "The First Man" by Albert Camus.

José Muñoz lives and works in Milan.
tra Europa e Sudamerica
tra Europa e Sudamerica

His books have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Serbian, German.


His works (cartoons, ink drawings and paintings, works in tempera and watercolors) have been exhibited around the world:
Argentina: Centro Cultural La Recoleta (1993) and Palais de Glace (2015), Buenos Aires
Belgium: Tweebronner, Leuwen (2007) and Le Musée d’Art Moderne, Charleroi (2003)
France: Hotel Saint-Simon, Angoulême (1996), École Estienne, Paris (2003) and CNBDI, Angoulême (2008)
Italy: Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples (2001), Museo d’Arte Moderna Ca’ Pesaro, Venice (2010), Museo Archeologico di Bologna (2011)
Portugal: Museu da Cidade, Lisbon (1994).

Spagna: Gijón, Semana negra (2014).


1978 Angoulême (Fr) – Best foreign work
1983 Lucca (It) – Yellow Kid prize for the best drawing
1983 Angoulême (Fr) – Best album of the year
1994 San Diego (USA) – Best foreign work
2002 Erlangen (De) – Max und Moritz prize for his artistic career
2007 Angoulême (Fr) – Gran Prix de la ville d’Angoulême.

2017 Lucca (It) – Yellow Kid prize "maestro del fumetto".

2022 Buenos Aires (Ar) – Premio Konex de Platino 'Humor e Historieta'.


Nuages - Milan, Galerie Martel - Paris, Scott Eder Gallery - New York.